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Acceptable Use Policy

Like most USENET providers, Airnews has some rules about how their servers can be used and what you should not do when you use the Airnews servers. These are broadly written, but hopefully it will be obvious if a given activity is something that you should not be doing.

If you have questions or wish to report an abuse incident, our Policy Enforcement Groupcan assist you at any time.

  1. Don't do anything that is Illegal in Texas, or in the state or country where you are. This includes posting illegal content, forging messages to look like they were sent by other individuals, or attempting to circumvent any Internet security mechanism situated anywhere, including Airnews access control mechanisms, or allowing others to share your account access.

    If you encounter improper materials or abusive activity, report where you found the material or activity to our Policy Enforcement Group.
  2. Don't do anything to jeopardize the integrity of any part of the Internet, including the Airnews systems and USENET in general. Improper activities include forging messages (such as forging control messages with the intent to interfere with messages made by others), bypassing moderation on moderated groups without prior authority from the moderator, flooding USENET with junk or other undesired posts, and posting viruses or other messages that are designed to cause malfunctions.

    The posting of a virus, worm or other hostile software with the intent of making it propagate and harm the systems of others violates the AUP.
  3. When you post USENET news articles, post them only to the group appropriate to the topic. If you aren't sure whether a given group is the right place, you can read the charter (see "Notes" below) for that news group, or just read the messages others post in the news group for a few days prior to your first posting. This will allow you to learn the local etiquette for that news group.

    Some groups have specific limits on the size of articles posted, whether they can be cross-posted to a limited number of related groups, and how often material can be posted or reposted. Some groups forbid the posting of any binary content, while others forbid binary content that no one has explicitly requested. If you exceed these limits or break the rules of a groups charter, an abuse complaint may be filed against you. Always try to familiarize yourself with the rules of the groups that you want to post into prior to posting.

    If the posting of a message violates the charter of a given group, that action violates the Airnews AUP.
  4. Do not post or e-mail a near-identical message repeatedly or excessively crosspost any message. Commercial postings (advertisements) are not welcome in almost all groups. Limit non-commercial "for sale" posts to the news groups that explicitly allow such messages, and follow all rules that exist in that group as to many times that same item can be offered for sale or that you can submit a message regarding any product you or your business is selling.

    If your account comes with e-mail service, you are not allowed to send messages to people you don't know (unsolicited e-mail) that offer any type of product, information or service, known better as "spamming". The purpose of the message is not important. If someone complains that you sent them mail without their prior permission, you are in violation of the AUP, even if the mail was not sent from our systems. Intentionally filling another persons mailbox with junk is a violation of the AUP as well.
  5. Messages posted from Airnews must have a valid domain name in the From: header to be accepted by the servers. If you wish to use a spam block, it must appear on the left of the "@" character, as in
  6. Airnews account holders must not post messages on behalf of others. If there is an abuse issue, you can lose your account and be held responsible for any message posted by anybody using your login and password. If you run a private news server, you must not feed articles into the Airnews servers (using the POST command) that you received from others. Such messages will be considered to be personally posted by you.
  7. The content of certain newsgroups (including all clari.* groups) is licensed to or copyrighted by Airnews and may not be redistributed to any third party. Improper re-use of Airnews content includes (but not limited to) a subscriber making such content available on a web site, operating a proxy news access server of any kind, running a private news server that forwards (leaks) the articles to other systems, etc. ("Suck" feeds are not allowed.)

    All posts made by all persons on USENET should be considered to be copyrighted unless explicitly stated otherwise, and by default you should assume that the articles are meant for your private use only. For software, music, videos and other works that are posted, don't assume that the person posting the work had the right to do so. There are severe legal and criminal penalties for copyright infringement in virtually all countries, and such abuse can result in the loss of your Airnews account.
  8. Don't try to exceed the limits of the service level purchased. Most Airnews accounts come with some limits on usage, such as how often you can connect to the server, how fast data will be transferred, how many simultaneous connections are allowed, how long you can be connected without doing anything, etc. Airnews customers are expected to operate within these limits and to not configure their systems or software in such a way that causes it to attempt to exceed or bypass the limits.

Violation of the Acceptable Use Policy or the Terms of Service may result in immediate account termination. You may also be charged for any clean-up costs that result from each abuse incident related to your account. Please read both documents.

All Airnews customers are covered by the Airnews Privacy Policy which is our pledge to you to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

A Note about USENET Group Charters

Charters for USENET groups can be found in a public repository at , which holds the control messages that created most groups that exist on USENET. Messages are organized in directories by group name, so the message for the newsgroup comp.sys.myfavoritecomputer would be in a gzipped file named /pub/USENET/control/comp/sys/myfavoritecomputer.gz. The creation message for a group usually includes the charter that specifies what is appropriate material to post to that group.

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