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What is USENET?
USENET News is a world-wide service where users share information and files on a wide variety of topics. The information is organized by topic into newsgroups. Users post messages and data or read responses within the individual groups and get files and feedback from others with similar interests.

Newsgroups also provide users a forum where they can exchange files and information such as pictures, software, and media.
Airnews is the premium USENET News service! Whatever your interests are, Airnews has a rich variety of discussions and topics to meet your needs.

Welcome to Unlimited Capacity!

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 Why Airnews is the Best Choice!
  • Retention - Our newsgroup retention rates are among the best in industry! Binary groups are retained for 240 days; text groups for over 2,000 days!
  • Completeness - Airnews offers completion rates for multi-part binaries that run consistently at 99% or higher.
  • Unlimited Downloads - Our unlimited service allows you the flexibility to download as much, or as little as you choose. We do not charge by the Gigabyte. This great system prevents you having to pay the costly overage charges of the competitors.
  • Support - Airnews has the best customer support in the industry. Our Customer Support is available by e-mail or telephone (toll-free in North America).
  • Privacy - Airnews takes your privacy very seriously. We have one of the most aggressive privacy policies in the industry. We honor our customer's privacy, and take active steps to prevent any intrusive actions. We also promise to never sell off your personal information to third parties.
  • Article Filtering - Airnews filters out the unwanted advertising, junk messages, and malicious viruses, leaving our subscribers with rich, relevant discussion topics and content.
  • 7 Day Money-back Guarantee - Enjoy Airnews service RISK FREE for one week - If Airnews is not the best USENET provider you have ever used, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Get the speed you need, and take advantage of un-metered downloads now!


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