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How to Connect to Airnews

To access the Airnews servers, you must use a news reader program that runs on your computer. These are widely available, and it is probable that a basic news reader was provided with the operating system that runs on your computer. If a news reader wasn't included or was but isn't suitable for your use, many alternatives exist.

The instructions for how to set up some of the more common news readers are included below. Note that you may have a later or older version than what is described, but the settings usually don't move around very much. The key settings are:

  1. Server name:
  2. Login name:  selected or assigned with your account
  3. Password:     selected when you set up your account

Together these three things act as a key that authenticates who you are and allows access to the Airnews servers. Most news readers accept these settings and store them, so that you don't have to enter them again. Instructions on how to set-up popular news readers can be found below.

Setting up Agent

  1. Go to the options menu and select Preferences (in version .55, Preferences will be in the File menu).
  2. Click on System Profile tab. Make sure that your news server is Click OK.
  3. Go to the Online menu and select Refresh Groups List.
  4. When that's finished, go to the Group menu, and select Show All Groups.

Setting up Microsoft News

  1. Go to the News menu and select Options. Click on the Server tab.
  2. In the News Server(s) box click on Add. In News Server Name put Click OK.
  3. When asked if you would like to Subscribe to and groups, click on Yes.

Setting up News Xpress

  1. Go to the file menu and select Options. Click on the Servers and Directory tab.
  2. In the News (NNTP) server field put
  3. Go to the Group menu and select Update Groups Info.

Setting up WinVN

  1. Go to the Config menu and select Communications. Make sure that News server is
  2. Go to the Network menu and select Connect to Server. When asked, go ahead and request the latest groups list.
  3. To subscribe to a group, you just select the group, go to the Group menu and select Subscribe to Selected Groups

Setting up NewsWatcher

  1. Open your NewsWatcher program.
  2. Go to the File menu and select Preferences. Click on the Server Address.
  3. Make sure that Server Address is set to
  4. Re-start the NewsWatcher program.
  5. To subscribe to a group you hightlight the group then go to the Special menu and select Subscribe . When you are done subscribing to your groups, save the set wherever you want. Double click on the groups to retrieve the headers.

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