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Airnews is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers. The personal information that a customer provides to us is used by us to provide access service, bill the customer's account and update our customers on happenings at Airnews. We do not sell our customer lists, e-mail addresses, or any other customer personal information to anybody, regardless of purpose.

Additionally, although Airnews systems collect general usage statistics so that the systems can be tuned for best performance and growth needs anticipated, we do not monitor individual customers' news group reading habits, nor do we monitor the content of any e-mail box that the customer may have with Airnews. Airnews account information can be released only to the customer, and account information or posting logs can only be released to authorized employees of Airnews when there is a need, or to duly authorized officers of the state and federal courts or investigatory authorities who present the proper legal documents.

We may occasionally send you e-mail that contains information about your account, announcements of upcoming events or changes in the Airnews service, or maybe a newsletter from the CEO who wants to say "hello" and thank you for being our customer.

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Please read the Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use Policy prior to using the Airnews service. You accept the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies when you use the Airnews service.

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