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Airnews Mach II is recommended for heavy USENET use. If you frequently download large files, then Mach II delivers - FAST!

SPECIAL BONUS: Airnews Mach II lets you use your connections from multiple locations. Use it from work and home at the same time! Up to 6 simultaneous connections.

Airnews Mach II

Unlimited Downloads!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you decide that Airnews isn't right for you within the first seven days of service, just let us know, and we will give you your money back!
(One trial refund per customer, please.)

Maximum Speed 1.5Mbps*
Connections 6
Price $19.95

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What do these numbers mean?

Maximum Speed

Our servers transfer information to your computer up to the maximum speed of your chosen plan. This maximum speed is divided evenly between your active connections actually doing article transfers. This division is recomputed every few minutes.

In all cases, your actual speed may be limited by the capacity and quality of the Internet between you and our systems.

Airnews speeds are stated in Kbps (thousands of bits) or Mbps (millions of bits) per second. These are the same units of measurement used to describe most Internet connection speeds.

To convert bits-per-second to bytes-per-second you just divide the number of bits-per-second by eight.


This is the maximum number of simultaneous connections that our servers will allow you to use at one time. Software used to browse newsgroups often will use more than one connection at a time.

* Maximum speed per connection.

"You'll love your Airnews service, or we'll give you your money back!"

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"Newsgroups" are places where collections of messages relating to the same topic or subject are kept together. For example, the newsgroup "rec.pets" is a place where people discuss all sorts of pets. There are thousands of active newsgroups that cover a wide variety of topics in dozens of languages.

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